Slow Cooker Pork Chili

Chapel Hill was inundated with a foot of snow this past Wednesday! I think the last time we had this much snow was 2001 when we had 20 inches… Needless to say, we’re not used to it and everything shut down in the area (oh, NC). I’m able to work from home, so the restRead More

summer nude hues

What Caught My Attention This Week

I’ve been more inspired as of late, but probably partly due to the fact I’ve been doing more researching, pinning, and magazine browsing lately than I have in a while. I went on Pinterest the other day to look at some decorating ideas, but I found myself pinning recipes, outfits, and puppies (don’t we all?).Read More

blueberry poppyseed cake ny times

Blueberry Brunch Cake

{Image: NY Times Cooking Section} This past Tuesday the marketing team at work decided to have a big brunch extravaganza in place of our weekly standup meeting. We were warned not to bring lunch as 23 people came bearing trays and big dishes of their homemade creations — enough for us to have brunch, a lateRead More

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