A Week in the Life: Week of October 23

I thought I’d share with you some snapshots around what I’m up to each week. After all, I’m running around and sometimes don’t have the time to work on a long-term project to post, but I want to connect with you on my day-to-day life! Perhaps I’ll make this a new series? What do you think?

Before you scroll below, behold my “doing nothing but sitting and reading with soup or coffee” weekday routine. But seriously — I didn’t realize how often this happened until I decided to document my week! Like I mentioned, I have a high-stress and heavy workload during the day, so in the evening I try to wind down in any way I can before bed. This usually happens after I’ve made some calls for wedding planning or cleaned or ran errands. You’ll see below:

{Work outfit: H&M sweater (love this one for $35), Steve Madden menswear slip-ons, Street Level reverse tote}


{Aha! First “sitting with soup and reading” activity of the week. Bean chili with tomatoes, sweet potatoes, cheese and spices}

{Early morning activity: slowly waking up before getting ready for work. First things first, I like to drink my coffee while warm until the coffee finally warms me up enough to not have a pile of covers over me.}

{Work shoes: Steve Madden quilted flats (similar)}


{Lavendar sweater (love this one, this one and this one), Matisse booties (love these), Loft jeans}


{I made this easy chicken noodle soup because Chet wasn’t feeling well this week. I decided to sit down and continue putting together my recipe binder. I’m subscribed to a lot of cooking magazines, plus I buy extras at airports for during my travel, so I like to have an organized way of keeping my favorites compiled to actually test! I’ll insert them into clear covers so that if I don’t like them I can easily remove that recipe — or if I do, I’ll keep it. It works well for me!}

{Wednesday night: I visited my parents in Chapel Hill where my mom made chicken, colored carrots, potatoes, and asparagus. We’re trying to focus on eating healthy. We did the Whole30 earlier this year and the difference in feeling and energy is like night-and-day! We’re trying really hard to continue the health-train, but easier said than done.}

{Work outfit: Blazer and studded sandals.}

{A little bit of shopping. I’m obsessed with crackling candles, and this one smelled amazing! But I like to take photos of my “wish list” and think about it before buying on a whim — again, easier said than done! But this time I managed to defeat my urge to buy.}

{Chicken sausage over cauliflower rice with spices, sweet potatoes, cilantro, and some sriracha. I cooked an overeasy egg and added on top.}


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