Bienvenue a Paris!

Ah, Paris! A place I couldn’t possibly ever grow tired of. It had been seven years since I’d been, and even then I wasn’t able to be there for more than a day (long story short, my Europe cross-country trip had to fall short due to the Icelandic volcano, and my only way back to my flight was to go through Paris and spend a day alone there).

So why Paris this year? Well, besides the obvious (it’s arguably the most beautiful city in the world, not to mention my obsession with french wine, cheese, and chocolate)… It all started 12+ years ago when my sister and I were watching the travel channel. We were obsessed with Samantha Brown’s show “Passport to Europe” and recorded every show. We’d spend hours after the show talking about plans to do a Europe trip together. And then we watched her Paris, Brittany, and Normandie episode. That was “the one!” Between the beauty of the architecture, countryside of northern France, history, and amazing food (I’m talking about the unforgettable omelet on Mont St. Michel — but we’ll get to that), we knew we had to go.

So, 12+ years later, we finally got to experience our “sisters trip.”

This is one of several posts I’ll be sharing with you that talks about where we went, what we did, recommendations for best restaurants, sites to see, etc.

1st stop: Paris! We spent our first 2 days here. We’ll end up coming back to Paris for the end of our trip, but I’ll get there 🙂 Our first day was a whirlwind. The first stop was a little coffee and breakfast hole-in-the-wall called Ob-La-Di. It was recommended by locals, so we knew it had to be good! We both got different versions of egg toast and cappuccinos.

We did a lot of roaming around outside (Place des Vosges, the Seine) and made sure to stop in Maison George multiple times during our trip. Trust me — if you like chocolate (or even if you don’t), Maison George is your BEST friend! I’ve missed it every day since…

We were rained out temporarily late afternoon, but it worked out perfectly! We stopped in a small cafe and had a glass of wine, appetizer, and spent a good hour talking, laughing, and people watching.

We then walked another mile or so to dinner where we again talked, laughed, and people watched… you’ll notice the common theme 🙂

The next day we headed to the Brittany region. More to come on that, but for now, I’ll leave a few photos below of our first couple of days.

x Sarah

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