A Simple Fall Picnic for the Girl on the Go

Let’s face it — we’re all busy! Every time fall rolls around, I have a list of 200 things I want to accomplish before it gets too cold to be outside or too late for fall’s peak season in NC. I have things on my list like “go to a pumpkin patch,” “go to a local corn maze,” “make hot apple cider,” “have a bonfire with friends,” “visit the mountains,” and the list goes on and on and on.

This year, I’m quickly realizing how fast fall is coming and going, and I’ve been running around like crazy trying to get everything done, and I haven’t had a moment to breathe! So, my new goal is to focus on the simple things this year — simple things that don’t require a day of planning or a few hours of prep time.

With that being said, I plan on picking a nice quiet place — whether it’s in my parents’ backyard (ah, apartment life), the botanical gardens, or another park nearby and spend 30 minutes to an hour there to soak in the beautiful weather and fall’s colorful scenery around me. I’ll either bring food I’ve already prepared or I’ll head to Starbucks with a couple of friends ahead of time and wrap myself in a blanket with my coffee. Simple enough, right?

Below are some inspirational photos I’ve rounded up for some “fall picnic” inspiration:

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