What Caught My Attention This Week

I’ve been more inspired as of late, but probably partly due to the fact I’ve been doing more researching, pinning, and magazine browsing lately than I have in a while. I went on Pinterest the other day to look at some decorating ideas, but I found myself pinning recipes, outfits, and puppies (don’t we all?). Below are some of my most recent pins — a collection of images that have inspired me lately.

1.) Rustic dining room table + added greenery

Whenever I see an image that captures rustic wood (furniture, floors, etc.) paired with nature, I’m immediately drawn. The combination never gets old for me! I’m a big sucker for aesthetics, and the combination tends to make me feel soothed and at-ease.

2.) Summer nudes

{Ribbed top}

Yes all-around for this artsy look! I’m obsessed with the ribbed pattern in the top, and the nude hue works incredibly well here with the silky handkerchief in her hair. Such a beautiful color combination — and feel the added oversized earrings complete the look.

3.) Beautifully curated cake for a shower

I hosted a close friend’s bridal shower two weekends ago, so pretty cakes, tarts and pies are on my mind! I saw this one too late, but I love the look of the carefully-placed berries forming a moon shape — perfect for a shower!

4.) Flowy, bohemian summer set

Anyone who knows me knows I love something a little bohemian. Everything from the red hue to the patterns to the flowy fabric and barely-midriff baring shape the set allows for has me excited about this outfit! Would love to pack something like this on my next summer vacation.

5.) Black bean sweet potato salad with a pop of spice

I’ve done the Whole30 a couple of times, and I seem to have some food intolerances, so I generally look out for paleo or gluten- and diary- friendly recipes to make during the week. I love the black bean and sweet potato combo in a salad — but the added spice from the pepitas and jalapeno dressing looks like it’d provide a pop of flavor that I’d love! Can’t wait to try this one.

6.) An inspiring outdoor space to read in

I’m always looking for and pinning serene spaces. As an introvert who loves the sun and lots of windows, I’d love a space like this I could read in during the summer (and with the fire on in the winter).

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  1. Great inspo pictures! I’m especially loving the summer nudes, the boho dress and the gorgeous living space!

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