Blueberry Brunch Cake

{Image: NY Times Cooking Section}

This past Tuesday the marketing team at work decided to have a big brunch extravaganza in place of our weekly standup meeting. We were warned not to bring lunch as 23 people came bearing trays and big dishes of their homemade creations — enough for us to have brunch, a late lunch, invite other teams to eat later on, and then plenty to take home…

It was 9 p.m. the night before, and even though I really wanted to make this beautiful brunch cake, I was exhausted (I had seen it in the NY Times cooking section a few days before and I wanted to take advantage of making unhealthy food for other people instead of leaving it at home for me to eat). As I dragged my feet, Chet said, “let’s just crank this out.” He helped me get the prep-work done in half the time, and before you know it I had my cake finished before 10:30 (leaving the glaze-prepping for the morning after my cup of coffee).

It was a big hit, and so easy and effortless to make it look like the featured image (not one of those “it-looks-great-in-the-picture-but-mine-looks-like-a-messy-blob” experiences). I had to quickly take the leftovers after lunch as there were only two pieces left and I’d promised Chet I’d save him some to try.

The image above is the one from the NY Times recipe because I made mine at night and the pictures didn’t turn out as well! But here are a few below:

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