Harper Lange Skirt, And a Life Update

{Harper Lange skirt c/o / Topshop sock booties / J Crew sweater tank / Mango link crossbody}

First off, I’m so sorry it’s been so long since I’ve updated you all on what I’ve been up to!! To make a long story short, I started a new position that, though I love, it’s really demanding of my time. So, really exciting — just a lot of work! I knew it would take several weeks to get settled in, but I thought I would at least be able to write a quick note here (which obviously didn’t happen). Thanks for being so patient with me as I adjust to a new, busier schedule! I’m still going to try my best to share my latest on here twice a week, just bare with me this next month or so 🙂

I thought I’d let you in a little bit on what I’m doing and why career-wise. I haven’t really ever shared anything about what I do and I’d like to be a bit more candid on what I’m doing with my life other than blogging. It’s really not that interesting (wish I could say I was a doctor or director of a fast-paced tech company, etc., but definitely not the case ha)! But I love it nonetheless. I majored in Marketing and Spanish in college — thinking I’d be doing something with Spanish as I’m Cuban, love the language, and thought I could be bridging the language gap between companies and clients, etc. Alas, that didn’t happen, especially when I discovered how much I love marketing. I’ve tried different areas of marketing and liked and disliked aspects of each experience I’ve gained, but it wasn’t until I landed a position in product marketing that I found my niche. Let me just say, I really, really wish college students knew about the existence of product marketing while in school — especially marketing majors — because it’s such a different world than what most marketing positions entail. I am incredibly lucky I discovered it and was part of an environment where my mentors and leadership believed in me and invested a lot in my knowledge and learning. I learned from the best product marketing person I know, and a team with a wealth of knowledge and experience from huge fast-paced companies where it’s highly competitive. They not only believed in me, but they forced me out of my comfort zone and made me do things to better my skills like give periodic speeches just because (love/hate them for that).

I’ve learned the most important thing about working somewhere is having great mentors that have the willingness to invest in you (mostly meaning investing their time and effort). I’ll always have them for the rest of my career and feel comfortable calling them up to ask a question or pick their brain about something. And I can already tell I’m lucky enough to have that where I am now, so I’m really looking forward to what the future brings…

P.S. I’m LOVING this Harper + Lange skirt. They have a lot of beautiful boho clothing I’ve been eyeing since I discovered them this year!


5 thoughts on “Harper Lange Skirt, And a Life Update

  1. Congratulations on your career successes! I know it’s hard to find balance especially during a transition. On another note, I’m absolutely in love with the crossbody bag!!

  2. Congratulations, Sarah, and the very best of luck in the new position, and life, in general. It’s good to hear from you and learn something about you, the person.
    Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

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