Lounging With Maison Du Soir

{Menorca sleepwear dress}

I used to be someone who owned a lot of tshirts and comfy pants or shorts for pajamas. Tshirts were something I seemed to collect over the years between clubs, teams, events, and other groups (like so many of us do). But lately I’ve discovered what a difference soft, thin cozy pieces can make in how well I sleep and just my comfort level in general. I’ve always been drawn to Maison Du Soir’s array of options for pajamas and loungewear. I’ve seen them in places like Anthropologie where I was able to feel just how soft and dreamy some of their pieces are. Ever since then, I’ve noted them for pj’s in the back of my head — including their striped Menorca dress which is probably the comfiest piece I own! Though every once in a while I’ll throw on a tshirt again, I’m definitely a convert as far as wearing soft, classic pieces for lounging. Plus they’re fun to shop! 🙂

x Sarah

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  1. Yep! As we get older we realize what really feels cozy for curling up, unwinding, and getting our beauty rest after a long day. It’s important so we can reset and do it all again tomorrow!

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