5 DIY Gifts for the Holiday Hostess

December is filled with holiday parties, dinners, and get-togethers with the ones you love. I’m always scrambling to find the right gift for the hostess while making sure I’m staying ahead of the game with gifts in general for friends and family. This year I’ve decided to create a few DIY options for the holiday hostess ahead of time so I’m not doing any last-minute searching on my way to the party (no shame, it’s happened so many times I can’t count). Below are 5 different gift options for the holiday hostess I can’t wait to try!

x Sarah

P.S. A fun collaboration will be up on the blog tomorrow, so be sure to check in again! 🙂

1.) Decorating a bottle of wine as a “wine elf.”


2.) 5 minute Christmas luminaries


3.) Christmas soap


4.) Glitter succulent plant


5.) French bread tied with mini olive oil bottles and rosemary sprigs


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