Holiday Food, DIY, and Decor For Your Monday

I’ve been nonstop pinning lately.. I think it’s becoming a bit of a dangerous habit. Every time I find something I love, I desperately want to share it with you all, but that would be an obscene amount of Pinterest photo posts overwhelming and overkilling your tolerance for holiday ideas 🙂 But every once in awhile, I can’t help it, and after finding this beautiful array of recipes that are beautifully displayed, crisp minimalistic rooms, and adorable DIY ideas, I couldn’t help myself. So here goes nothing… enjoy!

x Sarah

1.) This stunning presence of coffee truffles are perfect for a holiday party dessert or DIY gift idea for friends. A big plus: I’m obsessed with coffee-flavored everything!


2.) This rustic pine cone garland is one of my all-time favorite garlands in that it’s not overpowering and overwhelmingly “Christmas-y” but rather gives a fun rustic feel to holiday decor.


3.) I’ve been seeing a lot of greenery in otherwise minimalistic rooms, and I’m absolutely in love with the mix of pine tree accents and light rustic wood textures. Bonus: the smell of Christmas trees filling your cozy space!

white christmas minimalistic room

4.) I’ve always been a fan of DIY gift wrapping, but the idea of adding another DIY gift on top like this stunning mini wreath is gorgeous!

5.) It’s one thing to add nature accents around a mirror, but it’s taken to a whole new level when fresh flowers are added!


6.) Espresso and cocunut ice cream bars with chocolate and almonds. This one is pretty self explanatory.


7.) The combination of rustic wood and modern metal accents is one of my all-time favorite looks in the world. Note to self: buy a metal star stat!

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