How To Make Your Own Choker

Chokers are all around – in fashion magazines, on runways, and just about everywhere you look. I wasn’t a big fan of the 90’s choker, but with the new and modernized all-black choker look, I’m on board. The great thing about making your own (other than saving money which is a benefit of itself) is the fact that you can choose your fabric! Up next I’ll be making a velvet choker 🙂




Here are two easy ways to make a choker:

1.) The simple choker

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All of these materials can be found at your local art store. What you’ll need:

Ribbon of your choice

2 jewelry rectangular clamps (like the one you see above)

Jewelry clasp

Jewelry clamp tool

1.) The length of the ribbon should actually be 1/2 inch shorter than the circumference of your neck.

2.) Roll the edge of the ribbon a couple of times so that the clamp can grab the ribbon. Do the same on the other side of the ribbon with the other side of the clamp.

3.) After you’ve attached the clamp, make sure you attach a tiny loop with an opening.

4.) Attach your clasp to the loop.


2.) The layered chokerch2


What you’ll need:

A black round rope-like fabric

2 jewelry beads of your choice

1.) Measure the material around your neck for the length of your choosing. Lightly wrap it around once for a layered look.

2.) Add a bead to each end, making sure you knot the ends of the rope so they are secure.


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