7 Holiday-Inspired Rooms You Need Right Now

Ok, I know it’s only October and I’m already pinning holiday-inspired decor… I originally was going to keep this post to “fall-inspired,” (like this post I shared on white pumpkins last week) but looking through my pins on Pinterest recently, there’s a fall and holiday mix of decor I’m pinning, so I wanted to share with you my favorite recents.

As you can see I’ve been having a thing for wreaths around the home. Though the norm is decorating your front door with them, I love the unexpected placements of one on a kitchen window, chalkboard, or rustic window frame.

I’ve also been looking for a plaid throw for my couch like this one. Ever since I saw the one in the image below, I love the black and white plaid around a lit fireplace. I feel like I could cozy up with a book for hours!

Here are some of my recent favorite fall-inspired items:


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