A Festive October Tray

A few things to mention…

1.) I discovered this copper tray the other week and fell in love with the warm hue that varies from the normal silver or gold I usually see. It’s a neutral, but the rich color provides more of a pop to my little dining room nook. In honor of October, I added two little pumpkins a close friend gifted me to add to the display.

2.) I’ve also really been into candles lately. Something about the presence of fall makes me want to light a candle every night, and this one from Rosy Rings is next up to light. It’s filled with real apples, cinnamon and spices so I can’t wait to have my apartment smelling like fall.

3.) There is no way my roommate isn’t sick of my (now almost daily) routine of bringing new festive decor home from various shopping trips. I think I have issues. 😉

x Sarah


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