This fall is easily the busiest season I’ve ever experienced … 5 more weddings, football games, fall parties, bachelorette weekends, bridal showers, a trip to NY, and a trip to Boston in December. *big deep breath*

For now I’m taking advantage of my weekends in town by trying new and different events in the area while I can. So far I’ve attended a wine, chocolate, and cheese festival, and I’ve signed up for a few upcoming events as well. I’m trying to make the most of my weekends by taking advantage of new activities! Though I always tell myself I want to, I feel like somehow this year I’ve been more proactive with doing things I love than ever before. Here are a few snapshots of what I’ve been up to lately. What are your plans this fall? Would love to hear some fun fall activities I might be able to add to my list!

me1{The Chanel-inspired skirt I’ve had since college. I remember buying it when I got my first internship. My mom had added the flower for a unique detail.}


{The angel I discovered at Hobby Lobby as an early Christmas decor shopping attempt. My intent was to paint her white for my room, but I think I like her as-is in my living room.}

l1{A sneak peek at my DIY fall wreath. For those of you who follow me on Snapchat (smurph10132), you’ve seen the almost-finished product. Details coming soon!}


{A terracotta planter I found at Hobby Lobby for my dresser (plant TBD), and a leaf jewelry tray for my room I found at Home Goods – my mom and I both picked one out. Twins!}

l4{The mesmerizing sky the other night… not late enough for sunset, but because half the sky was cloudy and half was blue, it created a beautiful red shade}


{Lunch break reading… can you tell I’m excited for fall? I’m trying to live in the moment but I’m also getting butterflies thinking about the crisp air!}

x Sarah

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