Personalized Hair Care

My hair has always been somewhat difficult to keep healthy. I have naturally fine hair, which isn’t really difficult to style, but it’s taken me years to figure out the right approach for my hair’s health. I can’t afford to simply shampoo and condition my hair… I also have to leave in a strengthening solution in the shower, an after-shower strengthening solution, heat protectant if I’m using tools, and a thickening spray — not to mention the occasional oil or hair mask.

When I discovered Function of Beauty, I thought it was such a cool concept! I was able to plug in my hair type alongside what I’m looking for (thicker, less frizz, etc.) and personalize my shampoo and conditioner to my liking! Though I still have a more-extensive routine than some, I love using these personalized products, and they contribute to the health of my hair… and the cute little bottles don’t bother me either!

x Sarah

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