3 Raleigh Restaurants to Try

{photo of arepas from Guasaca}

1.) Guasaca Arepa & Salsa Grill

I’m a big foodie, especially when it comes to Latin food. I’m Cuban and I know food from a lot of different Latin American countries isn’t as widespread in the south as some are. Guasaca is based on Venezuelan cuisine and ties in other South American flavors to their famous arepas and other food. I’m dying to try them! P.S. I shouldn’t have looked at all of these pictures right before lunch time…



2.) Mandolin

It’s “southern at its roots,” but the food has global influence in taste. It’s fresh, local, and apparently has good wine. I’m always down for good wine!


3.) 42nd St. Oyster Bar

All you have to say is oysters and I’m in. But for those who like other seafood, there’s a wide variety of fresh shrimp, crab, ahi tuna, and more for all taste buds. They also have live music on some Friday’s and Saturday’s (schedule here). I don’t know about you, but I’m a big ambiance person when it comes to dining out, so the live music is a big selling point for me!

For all my locals, have you been to any of these? What were your thoughts? Any suggestions on what to order? Leave them in the comments!


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