Lake Weekend + 5 DIY Ideas for the 4th

{I’ll probably be wearing this Old Navy dress again for the 4th. It’s old, but I’ve linked a few similar ones below}


Earlier this week I wrote about not creating the quality posts I’ve been wanting to, and I explained why. I’ve been receiving a lot of questions on whether I’m going to discontinue blogging, and the answer is no! Not at all. I felt I needed to share that post with you to explain why it might seem like I’m not spending as much time on the blog. I guess the only outcome of this is that I’m going to focus on creating better quality posts … while focusing on life more. The compromise? I might miss a few posts here and there, but I hope to make up for it by spending more time on the things I do share.

This weekend we’re off to the lake for the 4th! Hopefully there will be swimming, games, a few glasses of wine, and I might bring a book or two so I can relax. Speaking of the 4th, I wanted to share five different DIY ideas with you for your 4th of July fun. I’m really loving the s’mores idea and that popcorn tub. Happy weekend!


oreos popcorn pretzels

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