Fighting Wedding Season Humidity (and AOL Beauty Awards)

I’m in several weddings this year, and some of those are summer weddings. Especially when in the wedding, I have to make sure my makeup and hair stay in tact all day (usually you’re done getting ready several hours before the wedding to take pictures, etc). To counter frizz and the effects humidity has on my face, there are two products that have greatly helped me recently.

1.) Supergoop Setting Mist With Rosemary

I absolutely love this product! I’d never thought to buy makeup setting mist until I realized how long I’d have my makeup done before the wedding I attended in May. The mist is most importantly effective (my makeup stayed in place), refreshing (the rosemary scent leaves a nice, cool effect on the skin), and my skin carried an easy glow that carried with me for hours. Most of the bridesmaids actually ended up using it!



2.) Marula Hair Oil 3 in 1 Styling Cream

I love this product because it’s both a styling cream and heat protector. Usually I’d opt for a heat protection product before drying my hair, but the fact that this has both conditioning and styling, it keeps my hair from frizzing as it would with only a heat protection spray. I love it for both major events (I’ll put it on before drying my hair along with a drop of morroccan oil) or I’ll use it throughout the week without drying my hair for an effortless textured look.


P.S. Guess what! I was on a panel of judges that analyzed the best beauty products of 2016. These ranged from skin products, hair, makeup, nails, etc. Check out the winners on AOL’s Beauty Awards page! I’ve found a lot of really helpful reviews when determining what to buy.

x Sarah

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