Hot Trend: Embroidered Shorts

{H&M shorts / TJ Maxx pink halter / Fringe bag (love this one) / Mariella sandals (love these)}

Tonight I’m packing to go to Carolina Beach for the weekend with my sister and two close childhood friends (going on 20 years now)! Every year we used to join their family on their reunion in Carolina Beach, and year after year those memories have really left a mark on my heart and brought me such amazing memories! Nowadays no one’s schedules coordinate, so it’s hard getting the four of us together. But now that my sister is moving back to NY in a couple of weeks (so bittersweet), the four of us finally pulled our schedules together to get in one last “sisterhood” vacation before she leaves! I couldn’t be more excited! Be sure to tag along on Snapchat (@smurph10132) and Instagram (@bohochiccafe) to see what we’re doing.

Speaking of vacations, I’ll be wearing these shorts this weekend while we’re there! I’ve been seeing a lot of beautiful embroidered pieces this spring. It’s been a big trend for years, but I feel like they’re especially present this year — and so me as I’ve probably already had to talk myself out of buying a few already.

x Sarah

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22 thoughts on “Hot Trend: Embroidered Shorts

  1. Your shorts are super cute! I got some similar ones when I was in Bali that are absolutely perfect for the beach. I can’t wait to wear them this summer.


  2. Embroidered shorts are all the rage with summer fast approaching. This one is super cute on you! I love the way you matched it with your top. Cute!

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