Derby Party

{Anthropologie dress / gold pumps (very similar!) / straw hat (love this one and this one)}

I found this sweet little dress at Anthropologie while perusing the store last week, and I couldn’t help but think of the Kentucky Derby this past weekend and how perfect it would be to wear something like this! Though I didn’t end up going to a Derby party, it was fun being able to play dress-up in my mom’s big Derby hat (that she did end up wearing this weekend).

It brought my right back to my childhood days where my sister and I would play around with big floppy hats and vintage gowns (the tackier the better at that age) my mom would find at thrift stores for our dress-up bin. I still remember being in those clothes for hours upon hours on the weekends having a blast with my sister. Those were the days 🙂 Happy Monday!

x Sarah

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  1. So cute! You look ready for a mint julep, and those memories of playing dress-up with your sister are priceless!

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