Farmhouse Table Settings

Can you tell I’ve been watching a lot of Fixer Upper lately? I’m a huge fan of the show, and my favorite part is at the end when they do the big reveal on the newly renovated and decorated house. I’ve written down quite a few of my favorite takeaways from design elements Joanna Gaines has done when decorating, but I’m a huge fan of pretty much everything she does. One of my favorite things about her style is the fact that she loves a farmhouse feel, so there’s a farmhouse table in pretty much every house she’s renovated.

I’m obsessed with the farmhouse table! I’ve always had a dream of having a long rustic table where all of my relatives can come together and dine, etc., and there are so many different ideas out there on ways to do a table setting. I’ve compiled a few of my favorites — would love to hear your favorite in the comments!

x Sarah

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22 thoughts on “Farmhouse Table Settings

  1. Love all the tables and looks especially the ones with the mismatched chairs. That reminds me of finding room for everyone by pulling chairs from every room.

  2. I want black chandelier exactly like one in the Easter picture. Anyone know where I can find this??

  3. I love Fixer Upper and farmhouse decorating. These photos are beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing a great post!

  4. Farmhouse style is so beautiful and so fun to put together. It doesn’t seem to be losing popularity either. Some wood features with some creams and light blues are always a great way to get started. Love these photos.

  5. As someone who lives in a farmhouse, I find so much inspiration in this post. The photos are also absolutely flawless.

  6. I wish my home looked like this. We see so many of these fabulous farmhouse tables, but who’s lucky enough to actually have their home or backyard look like this?!

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