5 DIY’s to Try This Week

This weekend I spent some time with my close friend Ammelia and we looked through a lot of different home magazines for apartment decorating ideas. I’ve been wanting to start several home projects for a while but hadn’t quite gotten to organizing everything. She suggested I write down everything I envisioned, broken out by room, which I thought was a brilliant idea. Now, whenever I think of another idea for a room, I can look down at my previous thoughts and see if the new project is A.) cohesive with the other projects for that room, or B.) outweighs the other projects going on, and then I can make the decision of which ones to keep and which ones to let go.

I’m incorporating a few fun DIY projects for several rooms, and I’m definitely using one of these. Can you guess which one? I’m excited to get started!

x Sarah


{DIY Floating Shelf}


{Flower Box}


{Image Gallery Wall}


{Corner Art}


{Wooden Magazine Holder}

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