An Afternoon in Downtown Durham

I don’t venture around downtown Durham all that often, but I absolutely love the details in the architecture, shops, cafes, specialty boutiques, and a lot of its cool, modern charm you’ll find in random places. It has a great bar atmosphere with different craft beers and a great local music scene.

Though I didn’t have but an hour or so to look around the other day, my family and I decided to check out the Old Havana Sandwich Shop. I’ve only been once before, but they have the greatest Cuban food in the area in my opinion, and it’s so comforting to know it’s there when I need my Cuban food fix! We savored our cafe con leches and a few mini croquettas for an afternoon snack.

We also ventured to Tre Bella boutique down the road which was a quaint little boutique with a bridal section in the back. I loved seeing a lot of their unique pieces — it reminded me to take a look at local boutiques more often as there are so many different hidden gems of clothing that you’re just not going to find at a mainstream store!

durham durham2 collar4{Loving this similar clutch to the one above}

durham3 durham4 durham5 durham6 durham11durham8 collar6{I wear these pumps everywhere! These versions are the same and also by Sam Edelman — just a tad higher}

durham9 durham10

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  1. I always get excited when I find a Cuban food restaurant because I mean who doesn’t love Cuban food. I can’t believe I have not tried this shop out yet. Next time I am in Durham I will have to check it out. Thanks for sharing Sarah. Those croquetas are calling my name.

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