Exploring Chapel Hill and Carrboro

day4My sister’s friend arrived in town this week from NYC! We have a lot planned for her this weekend, but first we ventured to UNC’s campus and Franklin St. in Chapel Hill to tour her around this area of North Carolina. Our first stop was Venable in Carrboro for lunch. I love Carrboro because it’s a cute little town filled with farm-to-table cafes, coffee shops, and it’s very outdoor-friendly (a lot of areas for hiking and biking). The food at Venable was delicious as usual. I’ve actually recommended it before in my Chapel Hill guide I created last fall (here’s a refresher in case you ever find yourself in the area).

After Venable, we walked around UNC’s campus. One thing I love about growing up in Chapel Hill is the fact that UNC’s campus is downtown. It’s one of the most beautiful places to walk and enjoy a beautiful day (and many are)! We continued along Franklin St. and explored a few of the shops before we headed toward Maple View Farm for ice cream.

Maple View Farm is a child’s dream! Ok, everyone’s dream. It’s an ice cream shop in the middle of a farm (they make their ice cream with the farm’s cow’s milk). It’s always a fun and serene experience — experiencing scenic views while sitting on a front porch with ice cream in hand.

day5{UNC’s campus}

day10day11{dining at Venable}

day6 day9 day3{Maple View Farm}

day2 day1{enjoying the views with my ice cream in my favorite neon yellow sweater — similar here, here, and here}

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  1. Yes please!
    I would love to sit on a rocking chair on that front porch in the middle of a beautiful dairy farm eating yummy ice cream on a sunny afternoon!!

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