5 Recipes for Your Oscars Party

oscars5brit{Glittery Donuts}

I remember my first Oscar’s party my roommates and I had a few years ago while living in DC. It was the first time I went all-out for the big event — we cooked elaborate appetizers for hours, created ballots, and decorated the entire living room! Since then, I haven’t been able to do quite as much, but I am planning on having a few people over for some Oscars-inspired appetizers, desserts, and champagne this year.

I found quite a few adorable Oscars recipes, but these 5 are by far my top favorites for the event. How cute are these donuts?! And the added touch of star-topped straws and pom-poms below would add such a cute touch to any recipe display!

oscars4sprinklesf{Champagne Chantilly Shooters}

oscars1thefirstyearf{Champagne Cupcakes}

oscars2chipsf{Chocolate Covered Potato Chips}

oscars3pizzaaaerie{Cinnamon Sugar Stars & Chocolate Dipping Sauce}

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  1. I love them all – But those gOld glitter donuts and the champagne shooters with the striped straws are real showstoppers!! Wow!

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