Living Room: Currently

living1ff“JOY” lights (this one says “eat” and I love this “home” version) / rug (very similar) / faux fur throw (love this one and this one)

As I’ve previously mentioned, I moved into my new apartment less than 2 months ago. Though my living room is a work in progress, I’ve decided to share with you what it looks like at the moment! It’s pretty minimalistic, but I have a lot of fun ideas and creative projects in mind over the next few months (which will be on the blog so stay tuned!)! I really wanted to show you all what it looks like now so you’ll be able to ride along with me through my decorating journey.

x Sarah

living2ff living3ff
living4ff living5ffliving6ffliving7ff

8 thoughts on “Living Room: Currently

  1. if you’re anything like me, you’ll never be finished decorating, because you’ll always have a new idea or find a new item to incorporate, Lol. I’m loving what you’ve got going on here already tho, feels comfy and homey. Good work!


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