Madewell Sweater: 2 Ways

mw12Pullover plaid top / rocker boots / backpack / beanie (similar)/ denim shorts (very similar) / Quilted bag (love this)

Hi friends! Today I’m showing you two ways to wear this beautiful plaid pullover from Madewell. The beanie trend has always been something I’ve wanted to embrace, but I’m incredibly picky about the fit! I discovered this one at Old Navy, and was eager to give it a try — and well, the vibrant color goes perfectly with this top! It’s my edgy & rocker look as opposed to the second, more feminine ensemble.

I’ve decided a really fun project would be to try creating 2-3 outfits with some pieces you haven’t used a while in your wardrobe. It’s a fun way to picture fitting that piece into your lifestyle. I’m going to give it a try this week — you should too! 🙂

x Sarah

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