Winter Color

red boho chic dresssuede boots / dress / bag (this one is similar for 70% off and also love this one)

Happy New Year! I’m hoping everyone had a great New Years Eve and was able to spend it with friends and family. In the past, we’ve usually gone up to New York to spend it with family, but this year we came back earlier and I spent it with my boyfriend and friends back home. It was a great night (and perfect way to start 2016)!

I love pairing boho chic dresses with tall boots for the colder weather. I’ve been looking at some dress selections here and discovered this red mini. It inspired me to wear more color during the winter as I’m so tempted to wear black and gray consistently this time of year. It really brightens my mood!

x Sarah

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  1. Wow! i love the color of this dress. The red is really striking, especially during the drab winter months. Thanks for sharing!

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