Winter Casual

green6fGreen puffer / faux suede booties / Loft jeans / hoop earrings (on sale!)

We’re here! I’m looking forward to this next week in NY with family. I brought this coat with me for when the temperatures drop, but for now we’re lucking out with 50’s and 60’s on Christmas week (though some relatives would prefer a white Christmas)!

We’re having a low-key morning, then we’re off to the city for the next day or so — be sure to keep up-to-date on my travels on Instagram!

x Sarah

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24 thoughts on “Winter Casual

  1. Hi,

    I love your puffy green coat and booties!
    A mutual friend of ours, Natasha cox, sent me to checK out your blog because I just started my own! Please take a look and stay in touch.

  2. Like you I prefer a warmer Christmas (unless I have like 2 weeks of vacation time the snow is just such a hassle). This outfit is super cute, love the booties.

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