Standing Up to Cancer With Revolve

revolve clothing stands up to cancerRevolve Clothing + SU2C dress / bracelet (love this one and this pearl version)

Happy Tuesday! Today I’m standing up to Cancer with Revolve Clothing. 30% of proceeds from their collection will go to SU2C, making a minimum donation of $200,000 this holiday season. The 66-piece collection is available until December 31, so when you’re holiday shopping, check out their collection here.

I’m happy to be spreading awareness for this campaign on a disease that has affected all of us so personally. Giving a gift feels good, but giving a gift that also gives back is extra sentimental and special — especially toward something we all can agree needs our help. I recommend taking a peek at the collection here!

x Sarah

revolve clothing stand up to cancer stand up to cancer revolve clothingrevolve clothing su2c collectionblack9fblack8 black3

29 thoughts on “Standing Up to Cancer With Revolve

  1. Loving that dress. Plus it fits your perfectly. Love that revolve clothing is sUpporting such an amazing cause.

  2. THIS IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL DRESS! I also love the cause, it really hits home for me.
    I hope you have a great day!
    Amy |

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