Knitted Striped Dress: 2 Ways

striped2Topshop striped dress / Michael Kors sandals (also love these)

I always love Topshop, so I was naturally perusing their section in Nordstrom the other day with my sister when she told me she wanted me to try on this dress. “I know you might not think it’ll look good on you, but I want you to try it on anyway!” I’ve always enjoyed shopping and talking everything fashion-related with my sister because she’s as into it as I am, likes taking risks, and she forces me to have the “try it on no matter what” mindset even if I’m hesitant it won’t complement my body type. So, of course I tried on the dress (a length I would normally shy away from with my 5’4 frame), and I immediately fell in love.

I’m encouraging all of my readers to take risks! Challenge yourself to try on several things you’d normally shy away from, and you might surprise yourself. I’m honestly pleasantly surprised with at least one unexpected piece every time. Fashion is about going outside of your comfort zone, testing your boundaries, and most importantly having fun. P.S. I’m showing two ways you can wear this dress (dressed up vs. dressed down) below!

x  Sarah


striped4 striped8 striped11 striped9striped14Topshop dress / H&M shoes (love these also) / Madewell chambray top (similar)


36 thoughts on “Knitted Striped Dress: 2 Ways

  1. I love that dress with the sandals! It honestly looks so amazing on you… I probably would have never picked it up either but the colors are fabulous!

    Kayla |

  2. Nothing better than sister-time! And you are so right about sometimes having to push yourself to try something new – this silhouette looks fantastic on you!!

  3. My sister is totally the same way. She always makes me try stuff on that I would never pick out for myself, but it always works out! I’ve learned to trust her judgment–and it looks like your sister has great taste too!

  4. I love how these two ways are really different, but both so easy to throw on. both shoes with both outfits need to get in my closet right away! so cute!


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