Easy Holiday DIY’s — 6 Hacks

diy9diy81.) Pot a few potted plants in a wooden box to look like mini Christmas trees. Add some spanish moss to make it look more finished.

I’m always seeing so many beautiful, creative DIY’s for the holidays — so many that it’s difficult to narrow down to the few I want to attempt that year! This year I decided to create festive decor without spending a lot of time — time that’s so precious during the holidays (holiday shopping, planning for holiday parties, and our annual family trip to NY)! I had a fun time with my mother this past week (and in past years) creating different “holiday hacks,” and I’d love to share them with you.

diy42.) Add a collection of ornaments to a clear or decorative bowl for your coffee table (or dining table) centerpiece to wow guests as they get comfy or sit down to dinner.

diy33.) Grab a glittery styrofoam cone from your local arts and crafts store and simply wrap a gold beaded garland (use a little glue gun in several spots) and add a gold wire-edged ribbon. I love this hack because it only takes a minute to create and looks like something that can be found at Anthropologie (my favorite place to shop)!

diy54.) Place a wreath around a candle. I have this on my both coffee table and on my parents’ coffee table at their house. It’s a pretty setting and makes the entire room smell like the holidays!

diy6 diy75.) This one is one of my favorites! My mom discovered these light-up “joy” signs, but they were in red. We painted it green to coordinate with the decor of her house and I took one home for myself. Simply use a primer, then spray paint the sign with the color of your choice. We wrapped little balls of tissue paper around the lights to keep them from getting painted.

diy16.) Grab a few evergreen sprigs and some simple branches from your yard. Add the sprigs around the base and stick the branches in the center to make it more luce and festive for the holidays!

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  1. The joy signs are so awesome! I also i love how you made such a great centerpiece by just filling the big glass vase with ornaments!

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