5 DIY Wreaths to Try

wreathdesignspongeBoxwood wreath DIY

I’ve always had a thing for wreaths. Every year I tell myself I’m finally going to create one of my own and I never do, but this year a few friends and I are getting together and creating a few of our own. We figured it would be fun to each create our own and bring it to our get-together so we can show off all of our different projects by the end of the night! It’ll be a fun night of hot cocoa, cider, wreaths and holiday music.

I’m leaning towards creating the boxwood wreath, but I may have to pin it to a blackboard like the one below. What are your thoughts?!

x Sarah

wreathsandandsisalEucalyptus wreath DIY

wreathmakeitloveitPurple wreath DIY

wreathtatertotsandjelloStriped paper straw wreath DIY

wreathehowRosemary wreath DIY

5 thoughts on “5 DIY Wreaths to Try

  1. I love the richness of the dark green boxwood leaves with the black and white striped ribbon!
    Also, how cute is that Straw one??!!

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