Cable Knit Sweater

zzDSC_1405Cable knit (love this one and it’s less than $25!) / Nordstrom jeans (similar and similar) / Hinge booties (love these)

Happy Thanksgiving week! I feel like I need to explain why I haven’t been posting as regularly as I used to. A lot of things (good and bad) have happened in the past few months to where I had difficulty trying to balance life and still find time to post. I’ve finally settled into my new life (new more affordable apartment that feels homier than my last, new amazing people in my life, and more I’m not quite ready to share but will soon), and I’m finally back on a schedule where I’ll be able to post regularly for the holiday season! I apologize for the weird gap in posts, but definitely check back regularly starting this week — I’m excited to be back!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Shop cable knit sweaters:

Shop white jeans:

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25 thoughts on “Cable Knit Sweater

  1. What a cute cozy look! Absolutely love this turtleneck sweater and love that you paired it with white denim!

    xo Ashley

  2. I adore this!
    The whole tone on tone-winter whites-pale taupes-rich textures thing going on here is perfection!

  3. When life gets tough sometimes blogging just needs to take a back seat for a little while – I went through a time like that recently and now that I’m back in the groove of things again it feels so good to have had a break! This outfit and these photos are just fall perfection! Love the white denim for fall – pairing it with a chunky knit is the perfect way to balance out the outfit!

  4. Great to hear you have so many positive changes in your life right now. Sometimes real life gets in the way of blog life and that is definitely okay. This sweater looks so so cozy, perfect for the cool winter months!

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