5 Fall Recipes to Try

creamy chicken and corn chowdercreamy corn chicken chowder

I can’t get enough of the cozy warm soups and other fun treats that come with my favorite season. I’ve been in the mood to cook daily and continue to save an obscene amount of recipes (of which half I’ll probably never make). However, I’m absolutely giving these five recipes a try first-thing. I’m always looking for new soup recipes as they last forever and only become more flavorful as spices begin to set. This creamy corn chicken chowder and creamy chicken tortilla soup look divine, and I absolutely can’t wait to make these adorable rice crispies (I’m not a fan of regular candy corn, but these I can get behind).

candy-corn-1chocolate dipped candy corn treats

ccreamy-chicken-tortilla-soup+text2.creamy chicken tortilla soup

cslow-cooker-caramel-apple-cider-2slow cooker caramel apple cider

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  1. I agree- i love this time of year for hearty soups and warm cider! This caramel apple cider looks incredible!!!!!

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