In the Home: The Little White Desk

zhomedit white deskI’ve had a little white desk in my bedroom ever since my junior year of college, and I’ve grown a sort of attachment to it. It’s (barely) survived through a lot of busy, hectic, fun college years and has been used for study hours, blog posts, and endless moves between apartments during and after college. Unfortunately it’s on its last leg, so I’ve started looking for another one (same color) to take its place.

I’ve always had a particular love for white antique desks. I thought about it for some time recently, and it didn’t take me any time at all to realize why. I’ve had desks in other colors and darker hues, but there’s something about a crisp, white desk that helps me focus and stay on task. It automatically sets a calming tone and a feeling of relaxation to the room rather than a loud one, which would distract me when I actually needed it!

I’ve compiled a collection of home office area photos that I’m using for inspiration once I find a replacement desk. I’d love to hear your favorites in the comments!

x Sarah

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30 thoughts on “In the Home: The Little White Desk

  1. I can’t wait TO decorate my own office once I graduate, i’ve been looking forward to it forever lol. I love how a white desk makes the perfect base for any kind of decor you choose. I love the one with the tall shelves on both sides.

    Jenni // The Beautiful Little Fools

  2. I really like the last option, since it’s so similar to your current desk (I LOVE the sawhorse legs!). But they’re all lovely, and you can’t really go wrong with a white desk. I’ve been thinking about DIY-ing (well, attemping Diy-ing!) one myself.

    Julia | Pennies & Paper

  3. I agree that white desks Set a more productive Vibe in a room. The crisp white is so bright and helps me feel awake and the clean cOloring is also condusive of work! I love the desks you Featured, so inspirational for my own home office decor! Good luck on your white desk hunt! (:

  4. I am DYING to have my own white desk! All of those are fabulous, but I would probably prefer to have one that has drawers.


  5. These are all beautiful inspirations.
    I love #7 overall, but i also Really ove the desk and chair in #3

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