7 Ways to Revamp Your Coffee Table

1houseofphilia1.) Use an interesting tray.

I’ve always loved the presence of a coffee table in a room. It’s usually one of the first things I notice upon walking in and am immediately drawn to what’s on display or how that person chose to decorate it. It’s unique because you’ll notice it can reveal a lot about the owner — their hobbies, likes, and travels! I’ve listed 7 easy ways to doctor up your coffee table decor to show a glimpse of your personality:

2lifeonthesquares2.) Showcase a favorite book. Adding a favorite book, magazine, or even newspaper not only adds depth, but it also says something about your personality. It’s a great conversation starter!

coffee table decor3.) Adding meaningful items you’ve collected over the years (from travels, items passed down through the family through the years, etc.) also adds character to your living area.

4handmademood4.) Add your favorite colors to brighten up a neutral room.

5theeverygirl5.) Look for practical items in patterns or colors that will go with the ambiance in your room. A notepad, jewelry tray, etc. can be used frequently and go well aesthetically.

6theeverygirl6.) Include greenery! This is one of my favorite things to see on a coffee table. Whether it’s flowers, a fern, or a potted plant, I’m immediately calmed and feel “at home” where greenery is showcased.

812thandwhite7.) Finally, interesting objects with unique shapes can add depth and interest to coffee table decor.

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  1. See? I kept my promise. When I got home, I checked out the blog. I want to tell you that I seriously love it. It’s adorable. Also, the DIY stuff looks fantastic, I have to spend some time this weekend going through it all. You are so creative and everything is so charming! LOVE! I’m subscribed and I’m bookmarked to read up more this weekend. =)

    I think lots of bloggers would really enjoy. I nominated you for the Liebster Award. It’s really very cool – get recognized, highlight others, and find new followers and get link backs. I love the idea. I wanted to include you in my set of nominations. Here is the link to the article on my site where I put the info for you. -Janine XO


  2. This is a brilliant idea for a post!! These ideas are so so pretty. I hope your Wednesday is as wonderful as you are! xo


  3. These tips/tricks are awesome! Im obsessed with the special items from your travels idea! Definitely a conversation starter!

  4. I am obsessed with this! Love all of these tips and I can’t wait to put them to good use.


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