Light and Airy Clothing Rack

clothing rack in the bedroomYears ago I came across a decor magazine photo featuring a clothing rack in the master bedroom. I loved the idea of incorporating something that looks appealing while also being a practical means of storage. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do ever since, but I (like a lot of decorating ideas I’ve had over the years) put it off.

z072f z073fz076 z081 z082 z083When I moved into my apartment a couple of weeks ago, I had the goal of finally accomplishing a lot of these ideas I’ve had over the years. I wanted everything to look cohesive in my room, so I stuck with light and airy white and blush colors. I love the light, feminine look it gives off, paralleling the calming feel in my space. Using neutral hangers also pair well with the light colors and don’t look harsh against the rest of the room.

If you’ve had any projects on hold for a long time, spring is the perfect time to finally accomplish them! I’d love to hear what kinds of projects you’ve been hoping to finish in the comments.


10 thoughts on “Light and Airy Clothing Rack

  1. That’s an awesome decoration idea. The colours are beautiful and it look stunning. 🙂
    I always wanted to have a shelf on my wall where I could put all of my favorite shoes on. 🙂

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