How to Create The Perfect Brow – Tips by A Beauty Expert

how to create the perfect browUsed in this post: Lancome eyeliner pencil (in blanc) / brow brush (no gel) / Brow brush/groomer with gel (I used “naturel”) / brow pencil (in brown)

When I was younger, I never really did anything with my brows. So when my mother (who has worked for Lancome for 20 years) first did them as a young teenager, I couldn’t believe how much it not only lifted my eyes but instantly lifted my entire face. I can’t express how many times since then I’ve looked in the mirror and thought, “why do I feel my look is off today?” and it was solely because I forgot to do my eyebrows. Ever since then, I’ve never underestimated the difference these few easy steps can make:


z065finalStep 1: Tweeze any stray hairs. If you go to get your eyebrows waxed (I usually do, but tweezing works perfectly too), remember to ask them/create a “boomerang” shape — you want to make sure they look structured rather than rounded.

Step 2: Use a brow brush to make sure they’re all tamed and going in the same direction.

eyebrow tutorialStep 3: Take a brow pencil and start from the upper inner corner of your brow. Draw a straight line to the upmost peak of the brow.

Step 4: Draw a line from the upmost peak of your brow to the outer end.

how to create the perfect browStep 5: Do the same thing with your lower brow. Draw a straight line from the inner bottom corner of your brow to the middle crease of your brow. Draw another line from the middle crease to the outer end of your brow.

Using little strokes, fill in any  sparse areas with the pencil.

the perfect browStep 6: Take a brow highlighter and do the same thing you did with the brow pencil – just outside of your brow. The light pencil around the brow provides crisp contrast without you feeling like you have to go darker and darker with your brows.

eyebrow tutorialStep 7: Take a cotton swab and gently rub in the white brow lines.

eyebrow tutorialStep 8: Comb your brows (using a brow brush with a gel) at an upward angle from your inner brow line to the highest arch of your brow. Comb your outer brow at a downward angle to the outmost point.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this guide! I’m glad you posted a before picture so we could compare and see what a difference it makes 🙂

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