Monogrammed Cookies: Spring Bridal Shower

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Today I’m sharing my final post to the bridal shower series. We decided to bake cookies as our goodie bag idea for everyone to take home from the party, and they came out beautifully. We attempted a lot of different sugar cookie recipes, and in the end the secret ingredient was almond extract. I’ve shared several other bridal shower cookie ideas for inspiration — may be trying one of them for the next shower I’m hosting.

P.S. – I can’t wait to share with you Wednesday’s post, which marks the beginning of my favorite series so far! Be sure to head back over!


15 thoughts on “Monogrammed Cookies: Spring Bridal Shower

  1. Your pictures are beautiful and you’ve really inspired me for future parties 🙂
    Thanks for sharing !

  2. Could these be any more cute? I absolutely love this series and cannot wait to see more on Wednesday! Love it! XO


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