Travel Diary: Croatia

001 017 032f 039 062 482 676 711 756 772 774 798 804 864 y4f z20 870 887 913 980 983 1010 z40f z893 z990 z1032fThe cold weather has me reminiscing of warmer times I spent in Croatia with family last summer. Our family reunion was an amazing experience and one I’ll never forget. Being able to share such great memories with extended family I’m unable to see very often is truly a treasure, and I never grow tired of looking at all of the pictures. I’m so excited to finally share these photos of beautiful Rovinj and Groznjan, two of the most picturesque places I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting.

32 thoughts on “Travel Diary: Croatia

  1. Just found your blog and I am in LOVE! I love the mix of travel, style, decor, entertaining – it’s very similar to my blog. I actually just posted a travel diary today of a trip I took to Marakkesh with my mom last year- sounds like we both are having a case of winter blues.

    Anyway- I love the dress you wore on your trip- with the interesting neckline. Where was that from?


  2. I recently added Croatia to places I’d like to visit. This photos are amazing and reaffirm that! You have such an eye for photography. xo

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