Oscars Party DIY: Polka Dot Champagne Glasses

boho chic cafeboho chic cafe boho chic cafeboho chic cafeboho chic cafeboho chic cafeboho chic cafeIt’s almost Oscars time, and I can’t wait to see the nominees and their outfits of choice for the night.  Two years ago, a close friend and I decided to go all-out for the event. We made ballots for voting and we cooked for 6 plus hours before the party — everything black, white, and gold we could think of (enchiladas with Mole sauce, Cuban black beans, polenta rounds, blackberry tarts, and other black and white treats). Though I’ll be keeping it low-key this year, I wanted to do something festive for the night to take me back to that crazy, exciting whirlwind of a day we spent together. Even though she’s in NY and I’m in NC, we’ll be drinking from our gold polka-dotted champagne glasses and sharing the special time together.

DIY Gold Polka Dot Champagne Glasses:

What you’ll need:

– Pencil eraser or Martha Stewart Crafts paint daubers (I used a pencil eraser)
– liquid gilding paint
– plain champagne glasses (I found mine at the Dollar Store)

Place your champagne glasses on a large sheet of newspaper to protect any surfaces from paint. Dip the end of the pencil eraser into the paint. Make sure there isn’t too much paint on the eraser or the paint will start to run — I lightly dabbed the eraser on the newspaper before pressing on the glass.

I completed one side of each glass at a time so the paint wouldn’t run — I’d definitely recommend doing this!

Once you’ve finished, allow the paint to dry for a couple of hours and they’re ready to use! Make sure you hand wash these as they won’t do well in the dishwasher.

Happy painting!

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