Valentine’s Day Pop-Tarts

boho chic cafeboho chic cafeboho chic cafe boho chic cafe boho chic cafeI love the idea of baking something for Valentine’s Day morning. A lot of plans usually consist of elaborate dinners (or cooking a nice dinner at home), but a small treat for breakfast is a great way to start off the day. These peanut butter and jelly pop-tarts are surprisingly simple and not as time-consuming as one would think (I bought store-bought pie dough), and I can’t get enough of them! The original recipe used Nutella, but peanut butter was a flavorful substitution (also, I didn’t have Nutella in the house). It actually got me thinking of other combinations that would be fun to try — peanut butter and banana, blackberry jam and cream cheese, etc. If you try a different combo, let me know how they come out!

Valentine’s Day Pop-Tarts recipe

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