Loose Ponytail: Three Ways

z038ff1.) Low ponytail with loose strands that frame your face.

z065fffz102f2.) Ponytail with a twist. Twist two strands before pulling your hair back into a low ponytail.

boho chic cafe boho chic cafe3.) Low side ponytail with loose strands that frame your face.

I’m excited to finally share with you my first personal beauty post on Boho Chíc Cafe! I’m planning on creating many more to come, but to kick it off I wanted to provide a few very simple ways to up your ponytail look. I’m the type of person who consistently wears her hair down, so I’m always in need of inspiration for other easy options that I’ll realistically try on a regular basis.

Before all three of these looks I loosely curled my hair for some loose, natural waves. The trick to this is finding a bigger curling iron (they’re much easier to work with and give a more natural look). I use a 1 1/4 inch Conair curling iron.

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