Thanksgiving Table Ideas

boho chic cafeThanksgiving is right around the corner, and I’m looking forward to spending quality time with loved ones. The holiday is up there as one of my favorites. Perhaps because, other than reuniting with those I’m unable to see often, it’s a happy reminder we’re one month away from Christmas, so part of the fun is the anticipation and excitement for the holidays. Another reason is my huge love for the traditional Thanksgiving meal we sit down to only once a year.

The Thanksgiving tablescape is one of the most fun parts of sitting down to dinner. It adds comfort and an element of home to the celebration. Whether you’re basing your table around candles, white pumpkins, or incorporating elements from the outdoors, I’m excited to share with you several ideas that will hopefully inspire you in your decorating.

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boho chic cafe boho chic cafe
boho chic cafe boho chic cafe boho chic cafeboho chic cafe
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