Coffee Ice Cubes: A Tribute

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When I was in college, I loved discovering new coffee shops for studying. The change in scenery helped me focus, and because I’m an avid coffee drinker, I loved trying new versions of my favorite go-to’s. One of my favorite places, however, carried the best version of iced coffee I’ve ever tasted. It wasn’t necessarily that their brew was better than the other (million) types of coffee I’ve tried, but they used coffee ice cubes. Brilliant! The flavor was long-lasting and fresh without the watered-down taste iced coffee usually has after the first several minutes. Needless to say, I love practicing this tradition from time to time in the warmer months at home, and whenever I do, it brings me a little friendly reminder of happy college days.

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20 thoughts on “Coffee Ice Cubes: A Tribute

    1. Thank you! I don’t think they have to be particularly concentrated, especially if you’re used to regular ice cubes – I’d just make an extra batch of the coffee you’re drinking and freeze it for later. 🙂

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