A Surprise Getaway

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After my third flight home to North Carolina was cancelled due to the infamous blizzard that swept the northeast, what was supposed to be my two-day conference trip in Florida became an incredible week-long vacation with relatives and childhood friends. Not only was it a treasure to be able to spend quality time with family I’m unable to see very often, perusing the local boutiques and seeing the array of bright summer hues inspired me to start coordinating spring and summer outfits.  I spent a fabulous day shopping in Naples where I bought these gorgeous Dolce Vita sandals. They’re quickly going to become a summer staple in my wardrobe as their happy hue will brighten any summer outfit. I found these Matisse leather open-toed booties in Miami at an adorable little boutique my cousin showed me. I’ve been on the hunt for a similar pair for a year, but none had the exact hue or quality heel I was looking for. These were well worth the wait!

14 thoughts on “A Surprise Getaway

  1. Naples Italy? Or is there a town named Naples in the US too? ^^ Naples and Milan are the only two cities I haven’t been too in Italy, and I’m super curious to learn more about them! Anyhow, I am also really loving your new Matisse booties. They have the perfect tan color! xo

    1. Hi Nikki! Naples, Florida! Though I’ve been to Naples, Italy and it’s absolutely breathtaking 🙂

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